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You Need A Proven Healing Framework To Guide You Step-By-Step Through To An Outcome Of Vital Health And Wellness...  12 Steps To A Cure Provides You With A Complete Blueprint For Healing, Leaving No Aspect Of Healing To Chance!

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The '12 Steps To A Cure' Healing Framework Is What You Need To Shift Your Body Into The Mode Of Healing - It Doesn't Matter What Your Health Challenge Is...

Take All The Guesswork Out Of What You Must Do Now To Get Started.. Then What To Do Next...

Knowing where to start and then what direction to take by having a proven blueprint to follow in a step-by-step process allows you to energetically focus more on what counts when you need to be healing - that's your positive action - the doing part! By following this 12 step framework in a sequential fashion, as it's detailed in the book, you are laying down the healing foundation that has supported hundreds before you in their mission to reconstruct their body systems back to a state of profound wellness.

This always requires a shock to your body and also the opportunistic infections that are taking advantage of the polluted internal environment that has been created. It's critically important to make your internal environment totally unpalatable and unlivable for any infections or growths, so this means for most people there has to be a commitment to considerable diet and lifestyle modifications. In the '12 Steps To A Cure' you are guided through the dietary and lifestyle changes that are a pre-requisite to your healing. When you make the conscious decision to take back control of your health, which is what's compelling you to follow the '12 Steps', you are innately and unconsciously making the commitment to drastically overhaul your fuel intake and lifestyle behaviours.

An integral part to inducing a healing response by your body is to address the presence of any toxicities or deficiencies. Research tells us that your body requires 90 essential nutrients in 'more than adequate' levels in order for it to be in a state of congruence with healing. In the '12 Steps' you'll gain an intimate understanding of why these nutrients are so often deficient and how you can re-establish the optimal levels for self-healing. I must emphasize that it's imperative to bath your cells in profound levels of these 90 Essential Nutrients. I'm not talking about the minimal levels needed to ensure your cells survival, I'm stating that it's vitally important to supply the amounts of nutrients necessary to facilitate your cells to thrive in a healing state.

Just as important as transforming your cellular and tissue environment, is the need for your mental and emotional environments to be free from, and uninhibited by, toxic negative emotional energies, notorious for their detrimental effects on the healing process. In the '12 Steps' this important aspect of holistic healing is thoroughly addressed enabling you to experience a truly complete healing.

What Benefits Can You Expect From The '12 Steps To A Cure' Framework?

  • 1

    You are Taking Back Control of Your Health

    Making the conscious decision to take control of your health has such a powerful influence on your healing direction. This means that you are the CEO of your body and mind and once you have gathered all the information you need from your 'health consultants' you can make the informed and most productive decision for your own body - this is monumentally empowering!

  • 2

    What to Eat can be Confusing... You Will Know Exactly What to Eat!

    Choosing the right 'Fuel' to power your body is of ubiquitous importance. MD-driven medicine has no constructive input on this subject. It is so vitally necessary to utilize an eating and lifestyle framework that will nurture your healing processes - a framework that innately avoids the perilous toxic influences of the 21st century. You will know exactly what foods you need to eat to support your body in its powerful desire to heal!

  • 3

    Gut Issue Relief - Your Digestive System Will Improve Immediately

    Healing your gut mucosal barrier is of paramount importance to your holistic healing. This is recognized, acknowledged and addressed in 'The 12 Steps' so that your complete recovery is the outcome you experience. You will receive short term symptomatic relief with long term healing with the understanding of how the digestive dysfunction developed so as you can avoid reoccurence.

  • 4

    Effective Pain Relief - Treat Your Pain Through Finding The Root Cause

    Pain is the ultimate motivating influence on us as human-beings. The holistic approach defined in 'The 12 Steps' is your blueprint to living a life Pain-Free and filled with optimistic possibilities. Many people find it hard to imagine their life without pain - if you are one of these people get ready to experience your 'New Normal' as you put the power of 'The 12 Steps To A Cure' into action.

  • 5

    More Energy - Gain Vital Benefits When Your Mitochondria Start Working Efficiently

    In functional medicine one of the most fundamental pre-requisites to profound healing and recovery is the reinstatement of your mitochondrial health. These microscopic powerhouses make the energy every one of your cells require to effectively perform it's duties. It's a foundational premise of 'The 12 Steps' that your mitochondrial integrity must and will be restored!

  • 6

    Bring Your Mind and Body Back into Synchrony

    Your profound recovery requires the re-establishment of synchronization between your body and your mind. This all important aspect of holistic health is just one of the necessary layers of influence that is re-calibrated in 'The 12 steps To A Cure' Framework. You will learn how to keep your body in a congruent state for healing - a skill that really puts you in control of your health - and so much more!

  • 7

    You Emerge from 'The 12 Steps' Empowered...

    One of the resounding reasons 'The 12 Steps To A Cure' is so beneficial is the fact that the basic premise underlying the program is that without educating you on the 'why your dysfunction occurred' and the 'how to prevent it's re-occurrence', you can't truly be in control of your own health! So, you will not only get to the root-cause of your health issues, you will know how you body in harmonious balance!

  • 8

    Peace of Mind - Shed Your Fear for Your Future Health with Renewed Confidence

    Contrary to the concern that you are burdened with now relating to what you future health will look like, after learning and applying the healing frameworks detailed in 'The !2 Steps' you will be viewing your future health through a filter of fearless, positive and empowered vitality. You will have full control over your health destiny knowing that you have a comprehensive set of healing tools at the ready if the need arises.

What's Involved With The 12 Steps?

Each of the 12 steps has a key role to play in facilitating your transition back to vital well-being. The mere fact that you're on this page considering this step-by-step program is a testament to you being at a 'Choice Point' in your life where you want to make some changes - and you know you have to!

A pre-requisite for your success with this healing framework is a 100% commitment from you to take back control of your health. Take it out of the hands of MD-driven medicine, which has contributed to you being where you are today and only use tools and make changes that are nurturing and supportive to your own body's innate ability to self-heal.

The 12 Steps that are detailed in the e-book include:

  • Clean Your Cellular Environment in Readiness for Deep Healing – Duration of Cleansing – From 7 to 21 Days
  • Nourish Your Body with ALL the Essential Nutrients it Requires to Heal

  • Remove All Known Inflammatory Foods and Practices from Your Diet and Lifestyle

  • Honour and Practice the 80:20 Rule When it Comes to Your Food Intake 

  • Remove All Man-Made Chemicals from Your Lifestyle, Diet and Environment

  • Drink Only Pure Clean Water in the Right Quantities and at the Correct pH 

  • Heal the Most Important Protective Membrane of Your Body

  • Remove Any Toxic Organic Elements from Your Body Tissues

  • Plus more...

Your Body Is Made To Self-Heal

The fundamental but intrinsically powerful benefit for every person who implements The 12 Steps is the creation of both internal and external environments that are innately conducive to self-healing.

Each of the 12 steps work together to create a balanced synergism promoting a common health goal - that being your complete recovery and the manifestation of a vital wellness that enables your unlimited potential!

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You Will Benefit in So Many Ways by Having a Step-By-Step Blueprint for Healing as Your Guide Back To Wellness...

  • Finally Get Some Answers...

    You will finally have an understanding why you have felt so ordinary for so long

  • Focused Spotlight On Your Challenges...

    The ’12 Steps’ produces results by enabling your own body’s god-given ability to heal

  • Your Health Puzzle Solved - Finally...

    There’s been puzzling pieces missing from your health picture – finally get the answers

  • Your Targeted Treatment Framework...

    Through years of clinical experience, Mark knows exactly what your body needs

  • Your Results Are Predictable

    A key advantage to using a Proven Framework is your results are clinically predictable

  • Your Timing Is Perfect...

    Two crucial points – it’s your time to heal and you’ll be guided on how to regain your health

  • Your Body Is Waiting To Heal...

    Your complete healing requires all treatment parts to work in unison, Mark ensure’s this is so

  • A Supplement Regime That's Proven...

    Your supplement framework is based on clinical evidence, 100% natural and works

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    Step-By-Step Framework For Your Healing

    You are guided through each step of the '12 Steps' healing framework in a way that will infuse you with complete confidence in the process detailed in the book.

  • 2

    Feel Confident To Take Control Of Your Health

    A cure is not possible without you deciding to Take Back Control Of Your Health - the '12 Steps' instills you with a 'certainty of result' and enables your power of self-healing.

  • 3

    Know Exactly What You Need Eat

    There is no more second guessing about what foods to eat to facilitate your self-healing process - freeing up valuable emotional healing energy.

  • 4

    Know Exactly What NOT To Eat

    You will have absolutely no question about what foods you need to avoid through this process of cleansing followed by a restoration cycle and then maintenance.

  • 5

    Understand What Lifestyle Changes You Must Make

    Each step fulfills a critical part of this holistic healing framework and there will be no doubt in your mind about just what lifestyle changes you need to implement.

  • 6

    Treating The Root-Cause Means You Heal Totally

    As you'll come to realize, the reason why the'12 Steps' is so effective is because it addresses what MD-driven medicine doesn't allow for and that's Root Cause Resolution.

  • 7

    Know That You Are Taking The Right Nutrients To Facilitate Your Body To Self-Heal

    Any supplement requirements in the '12 Steps' are based on years of diligent application and results recording and importantly form and integral part of the healing framework.

  • 8

    Understand The Less Obvious Aspects Of Self Healing

    The goal with formulating the '12 Steps' healing framework was to construct a comprehensive and self managed blueprint for healing that truly is an holistic, complete answer to all degenerative disease.

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Your Functional Naturopath Mark Thomas, has had over 26 years of clinical experience and now focuses on Auto-immune Disease and all Chronic Inflammatory Disease states.

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If you are at that point in your health continuum where you are ready to take back control of your health, then using a Results-Driven Holistic Healing Framework based on Root-Cause Solutions derived from years of clinical experience is what's vitally important for you NOW. '12 Steps To A Cure' satisfies all of those critical requirements so...

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