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It doesn't matter what health challenges you are struggling with right now - Autoimmunity, Cancer or any Degenerative Inflammatory Disease - Holistic Root-Cause Resolution Medicine will restore cellular and energetic balance, enabling your body to innately Heal Itself Into Total Wellness

Mark A Thomas - Naturopath :: Your Naturopath, Bio-Energetic Medicine Practitioner and Wellness Restoration Specialist

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Introducing Your Naturopath, Bio-Energetic Medicine Practitioner and Online Wellness Restoration and Autoimmune Specialist - Mark Thomas ND

Naturopath / Herbalist / Wellness Restoration Specialist / Bio-Energetic Therapist



I was a young fellow when I decided to go work with my parents in their health food store back in 1980. It seemed like a natural progression for me, having been brought up in an environment of health and well-being.

When I first started in the retail business(for about the first 2 years) I was like a sponge soaking up any information I could related to health, and reading dozens of books written by the luminaries of the time – Paavo Airola, Paul Bragg and Adelle Davis etc. It seemed like just the tip of the iceberg though so in January 1984 I decided to study natural medicine with the goal to becoming a qualified Naturopath.

It was about 2 years into my studies that my older brother, Trev, received a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. He lived in Canberra and I was in Brisbane so it wasn’t often we saw each other but that didn’t stop me from sending him a dietary protocol and herbal medicines to help with his healing. As it turned out he didn’t action any of my advice nor did he take his herbal and nutritional medicine according to my directions. Instead he chose the route of modern MD-driven chemical medicine. Over the following 30 years I witnessed the experimental approach that conventional medicine forces onto people who don’t know their options. He was prescribed any and every immune-suppressive, anti-inflammatory and chemo drug there was.

Fast forward to today and, whilst he is still alive, he has lost all of his large intestine (after numerous highly invasive surgery’s), they decided to sew up his anus – I have to tell you that no-one has any idea of how intolerably traumatic and life changing that is (of course he has a colostomy), and he has experienced a bout of bowel cancer. There was more than one time where he shared his thoughts on his health status at that time and it did not include a desire to be with us anymore. The amount of pain and suffering he went through - what with the chemo-therapy (which he is still on today), radiation and “experimental” surgery – no person needs to endure that immense physical and emotional stress! What I witnessed my brother go through (and thank goodness he is a strong person because one with less resilience and emotional strength, would not be here today – for sure) completely changed where my clinical focus lies with regards you, my client’s healing journey!

Through Trev’s suffering and the way it impacted on my clinical approach to autoimmunity and degenerative disease, the healing frameworks my clients adopt are first and foremost based on the foundational prerequisite, that true empowered healing is ONLY achieved when you take full responsibility for your own health and healing. Of course as the practitioner I act as a catalyst in the proper and complete application of the necessary healing protocols but, at the most fundamental emotional and physical levels it is your amazing body that is doing the healing.

This is my purpose in life - to empower as many people as I can possibly reach out to, who are suffering Autoimmunity and Inflammatory, Degenerative Disease, with the deep and complete understanding, that when you make the choice to take back control of your health, you have activated an inevitable and innate, healing cascade. Once that momentum is tipped, when combined with the right healing frameworks (this includes protocols for addressing toxicities, deficiencies, infections and other inflammatory triggers) you’re on your way back to total wellness.

So, whilst I am profoundly saddened by the intense challenges my brother chose to go through, I am so very grateful to Trev for providing me with a very in-your-face lesson on what will happen if you don’t make a clear choice to take back control of your health, stepping back away from modern chemical medicine and having complete confidence in your body’s unequalled power to self-heal.

I am committed to giving a crystal-clear health recovery option to you, so as you don’t have to experience the life traumas that my brother endured at the hands of modern chemical medicine!

If you’re ready to step up and take control of your future health, I look forward to being your guide back to total wellness. Remember, once you make that decision and we quell that autoimmune inflammation by removing all those triggers in your diet and lifestyle, you’ll be back on track to experience the pain-free, energetic life you know you should be living.

I use a combination of modalities to facilitate your healing, built on a foundation of Functional and Integrative Natural Medicine. That simply means we get to the “Root Cause” of your health challenges. By integrating an appropriate Dietary Protocol with the indicated Natural Medicines then removing any Energetic or Emotional blocks to healing, you will experience a profound and positive shift in your wellness!

Marks Qualifications…

  • Bachelor of Naturopathy – 1989
  • Practitioner Diploma of Herbal Medicine – 1989
  • Practitioner Diploma of Nutrition – 1989
  • NIS/Neurolink Practitioner Course – 2012 and 2017
  • Body Code Practitioner Certification – 2013
  • Primal Health Coach Certification – 2016

Member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association)

Our Mission

To enable everyone, through Root-Cause Resolution Frameworks, Bio-Energetic Treatment, Wellness Coaching and Education, to effectively take back, total control of their own body's health and healing.

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