Last week we discussed some important information pertaining to the unequivocal need for correct voltage to be present in order for your cells to perform their innate duties and for robust cellular repair to take place. Whilst it’s a new way of thinking for most people it’s really another way of discussing pH – alkaline : acid balance. We discussed the interchangeable relationship between voltage and pH and discovered the intimate correlation between specific healthy pH levels in many different areas of the body and the associated voltage reading!

I’d like to spend just a little more time on the causes of ‘loss of voltage’ in any given circuit/meridian. By far the most aggressive cause of loss of meridian voltage is unresolved chronic dental infection. These infections most often don’t manifest in tangible dental symptoms but instead fester away at a deeper level. You may or may not know this but all of your body’s meridians run through an associated tooth or teeth. So if there is a chronic dental infection, notoriously caused by an existing root canal treatment, then that will be the cause of a chronic health issue affecting any organ/gland/or tissue that lies on that meridian and is energetically fed by that meridian.

This is the key take home point here – If you have been suffering with a chronic inflammatory, degenerative, autoimmune disease or if you feel as though you have been operating at about 50% energy level to what you used to or should be, then you need to make an appointment with an Holistic Dentist (sometimes called environmental or integrative dentists). These are practitioners who understand the principles of functional medicine and the fact that the health of your teeth directly affects your overall health. They are also equipped to safely remove another major cause of loss of voltage and that is heavy metals – mercury in particular. As you are probably aware the most profound exposure to this insidious toxic element is in fact on its removal form your mouth, so if your dentist is not equipped with the right protective procedures and techniques there’s going to be more ill health for you to contend with and much more detoxification. Simple Testing for Heavy Metals can save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long term!

The continuous flow and delivery of electrons via the fascial planes (meridians) of your body requires there be no aggressive adhesion-type tissue formation that could act as a short circuit for that meridian. When the tissue is cut or punctured through surgery or injury the body’s natural healing response involves the formation of adhesive tissue in an effect to heal quickly and restore balance. The result is a tissue structure we call a scar and if that scar does in fact interrupt a meridian’s energy flow – once again this will facilitate the degeneration of any organ or tissue that lies on that meridian! A qualified practitioner can reverse the circuit-breaking effects of a scar but only with the right equipment and technique! Think of how many surgeries are performed on a daily basis around the world…

The two key endocrine (glandular) influences on how effectively your body transfers and delivers energy are your Thyroid Gland’s Health and your Adrenal Gland’s Health. These two glands are so vitally important for the maintenance of your general wellbeing anyway even without considering what impact their dysfunction will have on energy transfer and delivery. It’s interesting to know that not only are these two glands tethered together on a functional and integrative level but they are dependent on an almost identical array of micro-nutrients for their proper function and response. Further to that they are the key respondents to the challenges that the myriad of stressors in our 21st century lifestyles throw at us every minute of the day. Their dysfunction, caused by the many toxic influences in your life and lifestyle, is well documented and occurring at epidemic rates. However the answer to thyroid dysfunction is not to cut burn and poison as is common place in modern medicine, but rather to detoxify, nurture and feed. Once you extract or radioactively poison the thyroid there is no coming back from that – life’s never going to be the same and energy flow is always going to be sub-optimal!

There’s one last cause of incorrect voltage transfer and that is the existence of emotional blockages that can dramatically interrupt the delivery of much needed voltage. I know it’s a little intangible, but emotional traumas are actually energetic events that occur in our lives and can very often lodge and be stored in tissue across these fascial planes creating a similar short circuiting effect as the more physical causes that we’ve discussed. These are just as easily released by a trained clinician versed in appropriate methods and are non-invasive and non-confrontational!

The device I use and recommend to actually deliver raw voltage at the appropriate wave lengths is the Tennant Biomodulator. The Biomodulator, when paired with its accompanying electron and photon delivery device called the Biotransducer, is a cutting edge clinical tool to facilitate a root cause resolution to whatever dysfunctional, inflammatory or degenerative dis-ease process you may be experiencing. The Biomodulator measures the existing voltage in any given circuit/meridian at specific anatomical sites on the body. Once we know that there is a voltage deficiency in that meridian, we can go to the associated bio-terminals that have been identified for that particular meridian, attach the Biomodulator and recharge that circuit much the same as you would hook your car battery up to the charger to bring the battery back into working voltage. The Biotransducer is used directly over the organ/gland/joint/or tissue that is producing symptoms so you can get effective quick healing voltage to give some symptomatic relief while the Biomodulator is recharging the entire circuit.

I hope this brief overview has sparked your interest in perhaps considering the use of Bio-Energetic Medicine to facilitate a more complete, deep and profound transition into healing your body at the Root-Cause level.