Interesting question don’t you think? It’s more than just a question to pose and ponder though. Absolutely no activity occurs in your body without the present of electrical charge. Neurotransmission, cell repair, detoxification and oxygenation/gas exchange all are totally dependent on the presence of the correct voltage to facilitate the activity. To illustrate our ubiquitous dependence on voltage we could say – No Voltage = No Life!! Further to that blatant statement, Low Voltage = Disease!

Due to the diligent work of researchers over the last 100 years we now know for sure that the healthy human cell operates at a voltage of -25 millivolts and in order for you to make a new cell or repair a damaged cell, the voltage has to be increased to -50 millivolts of energy. Of course making new cells also requires the availability of all the raw materials (nutrients) to make new cells and the elimination of all the things that damage cells as fast as you can make them. In previous articles I have written about the importance of alkalinity and it’s interesting to know that the pH (potential hydrogen) or acid/alkaline balance is directly related to voltage. Let me explain:

Illustration is courtesy of Dr Jerry Tennant


Thanks to the work of people like Tesla and Tennant, we now have a direct correlation between Voltage and pH. For example, the blood is strictly kept in the pH range of 7.35-7.45 and this is same as saying a voltage of -20 to -25 millivolts (as you can see on the chart). An electrical current is characterized by a movement in electrons. In your home, you have copper wires which act as conductors to carry this flow of electrons. If the switch to a circuit is on there is a movement of electrons and this reflected in power, energy, voltage – the light turns on because there is a donation of electrons. If the switch to that circuit is off, there are no electrons moving – no power or voltage.

In the human body it is a different environment, one that is always moist – in solution. In a solution you can have that solution being an electron donor (alkaline pH) or an electron stealer (acidic pH). While these terms like electron donor and electron stealer are quite foreign to most people, once a voltage is measured using a sophisticated device it can be easily converted to a logarithmic scale called pH. This scale of measurement most people are very aware of. So now that we know that we can use these terms interchangeably, let me give you some examples of donors and stealers as they relate to the human body.


Electron Stealer Electron Donor
Causes damage Can do work/repair
pH of 0-6.9 pH of 7.1- 14
Acidic Alkaline
Free Radical Antioxidant
Positive Pole Negative Pole
Destructive Constructive
Spins Left Spins Right

A free radical is a molecule that is missing electrons and goes looking for healthy cells to steal electrons from. This stealing process destroys or at the very least severely impairs the function of the cell which had the electrons stolen from it. However, an antioxidant is a molecule that is capable of giving away or donating electrons, thus rendering previously volatile, toxic cells harmless. In the illustration above you can see that when your cells voltage drops below -20 millivolts, symptoms will start to appear. The lower the negative millivolt reading or the higher the positive millivolt reading is the worse the disease process becomes. It’s been established that below +30 millivolts at the cellular level, DNA damage occurs and cancer growth is initiated.

So now we know the importance of maintaining a healthy -25 millivolts cellular environment, the obvious question is – how do we actually influence the voltage of our cells? I’m sure you all now want to be making sure that your cells are most adequately charged, right! As mentioned earlier in this article, there are certain diet and lifestyle influences you can apply to make sure the ‘new cells that work production process’ is being optimally primed. Here is an overview of these influential factors (I will go into more depth next week):

  • Make sure that all nutrients necessary for making new cells that work are present (I will cover this aspect comprehensively next week – too much for one article)
  • Remove all toxins and chemicals from your diet and lifestyle that inhibit this process. This means eating organically and non-GMO, drinking pure alkaline water, and not using any topical chemical based personal care products.
  • Optimize thyroid function
  • Optimize adrenal function
  • Remove any dental infections and metal fillings and remove heavy metals from your body
  • Clear any energy flow blockages caused by scar tissue (practitioner mediated)
  • Clear any blockages caused by trapped emotional energy (practitioner mediated)
  • Most importantly up the voltage of your cells (mostly practitioner mediated)

Right about now, I’m hearing you say, I can apply some of the above but how can I possibly achieve the rest of the requirements? Well, at some stage you will have to pay a visit to a Qualified Health Practitioner skilled in the methods of blockage clearance and voltage enhancement techniques, but there are a couple of ways you can begin to increase your cells voltage for yourself.

How Do Cells Normally Get Voltage?

The 21st Century and its toxic environment is a big challenge here. Electrons (Voltage) will always flow from an area of high voltage to an area of low voltage.

  • As the earth is a big electromagnet just walking or standing barefooted on the sand, grass or soil will allow you to pick up voltage.
  • Eating only unprocessed food with a predominance of vegetable matter ups your voltage. Raw food ups the ante even more so.
  • Swimming in the ocean or a moving stream will increase your voltage.
  • When two living things touch electrons flow from high to low. So contacting your healthy pet or your healthy trees will cause a movement of voltage into your energy system.
  • Importantly, when you exercise, your muscles create electrons through what’s called the piezoelectric effect. Your muscles are also rechargeable batteries – exercise is a major way your body acquires electrons. These electrons are then transported to your organs and cells via 3 main pathways. 1. The first is the wiring system known as The Perineural Nervous System. 2. The second is by way of The Acupuncture Meridian System. 3. The third is via the blood where the electrons are ionically transferred.
  • Electrons are then stored in 2 main places. The first storage area is your cell membranes. Cell membranes are made up of two opposing layers of fats called phospholipids. This unusual fat is made up of a ball with two legs. The ball is an electron conductor and the legs are insulators. You may or may not know that anytime you have two conductors separated by an insulator, you have a capacitor. Capacitors are designed to store electrons, and so, your cell membranes serve as ‘battery packs’ for your cells. The other area as previously mentioned is your skeletal muscles – your ‘Muscle Battery Packs’.
  • These muscle battery packs supply voltage to different organs and glands via the acupuncture system. The acupuncture system follows the facial planes of the body. The tissue that makes up the fascia in your body is of a type that allows for less resistance and therefore permits a smooth transfer and delivery of electrons to the corresponding organs on that meridian/circuit!

I hope that didn’t get too techy but how amazing are these vessels that house us – our bodies! Now, apart from all the lifestyle and dietary practices you can put into play, there is a device driven process that will specifically test your circuits and then feed electrons into the circuits that test low and are producing symptoms in the organs or glands that are fed voltage by the affected circuit! Let’s look at this more next week.