Like so many things we know nothing about, or have no understanding of, Energy Medicine is a form of healing that most people would react to with disbelief, fear and dismissal. This is a normal response by the human psyche to view what we know nothing about as bogus, un-scientific or unbelievable! The fact of the matter is that is that all we are is energy – nothing more, nothing less. Sub-atomic particles and atomic molecules vibrate at different frequencies to produce different forms of matter – including us.

Most of us have had experiences with energy interactions although we may not actually see it as such. For example, that passing impression you get in your consciousness about someone you haven’t seen or heard from in a while, then next thing you know you bump into them or receive communication from them. What about your heart beat and respiration how does that just keep functioning. It certainly isn’t in your conscious control is it! It’s controlled by your ‘subconscious mind’. So, what is your subconscious mind? It’s not like it’s a gland or an organ like your kidneys or heart or thyroid etc! Where does your subconscious exist? It’s not a tangible body part because it exists within your Human Body Field (HBF) your all-important and critically essential, body control energetic template.

The HBF is made up of energy and information. Energy medicine, in simple but accurate terms, is all about giving your HBF corrective information and instructions so as this healing information can be applied to the physical and emotional aspects of your body. The Chinese and Japanese have been aware of an overriding innate control system in the human body for thousands of years as demonstrated with their use of acupuncture. Acupuncture describes and uses what are called meridians which are ‘energy’ channels that follow certain pathways throughout your body. What drives these energy pathways is the flow of energy which must be flowing in a clockwise direction to facilitate proper organ gland and cellular health.

This modern belief system that if you can’t touch it, feel it or see it, then it doesn’t exist is a paradigm promoted by the drug industry and their all-pervasive marketing tactics. You see, you can’t patent something you can’t see so it’s not good fiscal policy for the drug companies to have the populous believing that if you can feed new healing energy and information into your HBA you could completely negate the need for prescription medication – ouch, that could severely impact on quarterly profit figures!! In all seriousness though, in many cases the healing information that the body is asking for can be administered by you as an individual. Although in most cases of chronic disease you would initially need to consult with a trained holistic therapist with the necessary skills to re-educate your HBA.

To achieve a truly Holistic Healing effect we need to work at the level of energy and information within the body. Though this quantum perspective is relatively new in health care, it is a well established scientific paradigm in the 21st century. For instance, twenty-two Nobel Prizes have been awarded in quantum physics since 1902, eight of which relate specifically to quantum electrodynamics ( While the mathematics and scientific concepts are complex, quantum physics is simply a way to explain the interconnectedness of all of life. Even without a scientific background, we can understand how waves in space can interact (space resonance), how these interactions form fields (quantum electrodynamics), and how these fields shape our world (morphogenetics).

Following are some additional perspectives for helping you understand these important concepts, in everyday language

  1. The body runs on instructions; every cell must know what to do. Energy Medicine delivers instructions to realign and repair the body’s energetic operating system. This operating system, called the Human body-field (HBF), then responds by activating the body’s holistic healing mechanisms. The Energy Medicine technique is simply the delivery method for these operating system instructions.
  2. Energy Medicine can be thought of as a modern-day homeopathy or “quantumopathy” that is delivered in both physical and digital forms. It stands alone in its unique essence and action, incorporating biology, Chinese medicine, quantum physics, and technology to stimulate innate and powerful holistic healing activation.
  3. Energy Medicine is information as medicine. This bio energetic medicine works at a level above the physical body to bring the Human body-field closer to its perfect blueprint. Energy Medicine delivers information to the field by different mediums, assisting with specific energy blockages and rejuvenating the body-field working deeply on the cellular level to holistically correct the many layers of root causes of symptoms. The body then goes to work on its complex and sophisticated job of physical and emotional repair. The body does the work naturally, after receiving information in the form of instructions from the Energy Medicine therapy.
  4. Your body is made up of a community of 70 trillion cells, all having structured fields. Disease within these cells is equivalent to disturbed, distorted, and scrambled information. Energy Medicine’s corrective bio information, delivered by different mediums, synergistically corrects this scrambled information and stops distortion, thereby allowing the body’s healing mechanisms to right the physiology and chemistry for full disease eradication potential to unfold.

So what are these Energy Medicine therapies and applications? There are many effective therapies that are used to re-educate your HBF. Some of which are: Though Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Body Talk. The most effective therapies and therefore the ones that I use are Quantum techniques and NES System – incorporating the Provision Scanner for measuring the HBF and its imbalances, the associated Infoceutical and miHealth therapies for delivering the appropriately indicated healing energy and information as specified by the Provision Scan!

I look forward to being able to help you further with Energy Medicine so as you may achieve your healing goals and endeavours.