Last week we discussed the perils we are all facing, living in this 21st Century environment, with regards our exposure to these intensely health disrupting compounds – heavy metals (HMs). So this week I thought it very appropriate that I run you through the most effective ‘Natural’ approach to detoxifying heavy metals from your cells and ultimately your body – well, it’s the most effective ‘Natural’ way that I have found. I have italicized and made bold natural because there are many programs which incorporate synthetic chelating agents such as DMSA, DMPS and EDTA which can potentially have side effects directly related to the chelating chemical itself and they are NOT natural so the following process is my formula for HM detox success.

Now this doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get some side effects from the liberation of HMs from your cells into the blood, but so long as we keep the elimination channels open and active these will be kept to a minimum. These are the important parameters that need to be addressed in order for you to experience a successful HM Detoxification:

  1. Follow an eating plan that supports your organs of elimination and decreases your exposure to new and ongoing sources of HM intake. This diet is anti-inflammatory, eating only organic vegetables and fruit, organic and locally free ranged chicken and wild-caught fish. The diet is 80% vegetables and fruit with allowable animal proteins, nuts and seeds making up the other 20%. The diet is largely a more alkaline version of a Primal eating regime – so no grains (except for a little quinoa), no legumes, no added sugars (limited and only whole fruit intake) and definitely no dairy (excepting some pure organic ghee).
  2. Removal of any Amalgam (silver) fillings is crucial to your long term total wellness. But just as important as making the decision to remove them is partnering with an Holistic Dentist who is equipped with the necessary safety protocols to protect you from the potential massive HM exposure on extraction!! So don’t go ahead with amalgam extraction until you are 100% happy with the dentist’s protective procedures and protocols!
  3. Water intake – your kidneys will take on a large part of the excretory process so it is imperative to hydrate your cells and kidneys well. The water you drink will need to be purified through a system that takes out all heavy metals and town water additives (such as Steam Distillation or Reverse Osmosis – make sure you use the grey water wisely with and RO purifier) and then re-mineralised using a product like pHion Alkaline Booster Drops (just search for the product from the link) – drink 3 litres of pure water/day!
  4. Bowel Clearance is a very important factor when it comes to having open channels of elimination. Even if you have regular and daily, seemingly ‘normal’, bowel movements, you will need to take something to make sure your bowel is ready for HM detoxification. You will need to use a product called Aerobic Life MagO7 (just search for the product from the link I provided).
  5. Supporting your Liver’s crucial role in your HM detox is another vital part of living in a body that’s free from the effects of toxic HMs. The supplements I recommend to use for this important liver support are:  Liposomal Glutathione (Lypricel), Broccoli Sprout Extract (Jarrow Brocco-Max or Cell Logic EnduraCell), standardized St Mary’s Thistle Extract (eg. Flordis Legalon), Thorne Research Methyl-Guard Plus and Jarrow Curcumin (Meriva extract). These products will not only support the 3 phases of liver detoxification but will also facilitate the cellular release of HMs into the blood so as the organs of elimination can pick them up and excrete them efficiently.
  6. Small Intestinal chelation of HMs lodged on mucous membranes and excreted by the liver is as important as supporting the chelation process in circulation which makes sure the HMs are efficiently delivered to the organs of elimination! The most reliable and clinically proven way to chelate these intestinal dwelling HMs is the use of a compound called MAC – Modified Activated Clinoptilolite – the actual product I use is Froximun TOXAPREVENT.
  7. The systemic chelation process is likely to be the step in my holistic HM Detox that most of you are familiar with. It is the only step which traditional medicine addresses and whilst it is critically important, without addressing the other steps in my HM Detox the results will be less than satisfactory or acceptable and fraught with unwanted symptoms and unexplained inflammatory exacerbations both on a cellular level and an organ wide basis. The efficacious nature of this natural product is underpinned with numerous double blind placebo controlled clinical trials over the space of 3 years. Of course the real proof is in the clinical data I have accrued from my clients through both symptomatic improvement and actual tissue level testing through the use of The Oligoscan Device!

The key products I use and recommend for the all-important systemic chelation are the HMD Heavy Metal Detox products. The primary product is called HMD Drops. They use a patent-pending synergistic combination of natural ingredients which, as I mentioned above, are clinically proven to pull HMs from their cellular storage environment, bind them and deliver them to your urinary and hepatic (liver) excretion routes. The second product works in conjunction and in synergy with the HMD and is called LAVAGE. This makes sure that the channels of elimination are open and ready to promptly and efficiently throw off the bound HMs without the potential to create further harm to your cells and organs.

Lastly I would like to suggest one other supplement which I have found to be an important contributor to the overall positive effects of a clinically successful HM Detox and that is Chlorella. Just make sure it is certified organic and outer cell wall cracked! There are a few very well respected brands but I have found two to be very reliable – Yaeyama Chlorella and Sun Chlorella.

Until next week I hope you find some true holistic benefits from my discussions.