You’ve all heard the comment or possibly even used the words – “It’s all in your head!” Well, there is an inherent truth in the message that statement is actually sharing. The problem is that it usually carries some derogatory meaning rather than conveying its literal truth!

Throughout time the human imagination has been responsible (in conjunction with source energy derived inspiration) for the birth of virtually all lifestyle, industrial, agricultural and commercial innovations that have shaped the world we live in now. Your imagination gives you access to the most powerful healing force available to you – your database of unlimited possibilities, your subconscious mind. Left unchecked, your imagination can take you on a voyage of random wonders and possibilities, so to engage a more structured approach to tapping into your inner healing ability is what I’m going to introduce to you in this conversation. Specifically, engaging your innate energetic healing ability through the use of Mental Imagery!

By using your own power of mind – which everyone, including you, has – you have everything you need for comprehensive, self-directed self-healing form any physical, mental or emotional health challenges. In practicing the techniques of mental imagery, you effectively deal with the everyday stresses in your life without becoming distressed by them. A holistic mental imagery process will enable you to draw healing images from your own internal intelligence not from those dictated from external influences. When you let go of all of the “shoulds” in your life you will become your very own health authority. Most importantly, you will begin living in the present and subsequently won’t experience the stresses and pain from a life controlled by the future and the past! Working with imagery will teach you through experience to live in the present!

You will get the best results from imagery when you practice it three times each day – on arising, at sunset and just before going to bed. Each imagery technique should be practiced for a cycle of 21 days (as it takes this long to create a new habit). Another important point to get the best from your imagery is to always practice the technique in the sitting position with your back straight, your hands palm down resting on your thighs or palms down on arm rests and make sure your feet are flat on the ground and not crossed. Focusing on just one area of imbalance at a time when practicing your mental imagery will also bring about a better result. You can run the risk of creating some confusion if you are implementing more than one imagery technique simultaneously, possibly diluting the outcome.

Applications for Mental Imagery

  • Effective quick pain relief
  • Rebuilding your health – damaged by physical, mental and/or emotional influences
  • Reversing old habitual patterns of thought, mood and behaviour
  • Exposing and replacing hidden sabotaging beliefs
  • Breaking down any subconscious or conscious beliefs
  • Re-establishing balance after life traumas
  • Eliminating self-imposed barriers to success
  • Creating congruence with your life path
  • Learning from yourself – amplifying your potential
  • Getting to the Root-Cause of any issue
  • Bring resolution to any past or present relationship challenges
  • Facilitate closure to the past
  • Create clarity in decision making
  • Ensure that what you manifest is actually what you intended
  • Fell more energetic and alive
  • And so much more…

Advantages of Mental Imagery

Mental Imagery is Effective – Mental imagery techniques actually teach you how to change old ingrained beliefs, unlike most other types of self-help programs. Your beliefs run on autopilot in the background in your subconscious mind so attempts to replace or disarm these negative patterns of thought, behaviour or mood with affirmations, will or action has little effect because the offending belief was never identified and released or replaced!

Only through embracing and employing the ‘language of mental imagery’ can you expose these limiting beliefs in your consciousness and then permanently eradicate them by using your mental imagery techniques to restore health, wellness and happiness.

Mental Imagery is Expedient – Application of your mental imagery technique takes only seconds to at most a couple of minutes to perform initiating a positive shock to the system. In many circumstances the results will be felt immediately or in as little as seven days. Other more deep-seated health issues may take one, two or three 21 day cycles, making sure to rest for seven days between cycles. This documented timeframe for recovery is rather insignificant when compared to conventional forms of treatment that never address the cause and only offer symptomatic relief.

Mental Imagery is Free – The practice of mental imagery costs you nothing to administer (except for a little of your own time). It is quite literally the most cost-effective, holistic and root-cause based treatment available to you.

Mental Imagery is Harmless – You can do NO harm practicing mental imagery. It is non-invasive and non-toxic and has zero side effects!

Mental Imagery is Without Complication – The application of mental imagery is simple to learn, effortless to apply and can be performed anywhere without assistance.

Mental Imagery Enhances Self-Confidence – Taking control of your own health and taking an active role in restoring your own mind-body health and well-being will accelerate your levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.

So How do You Apply the Process of Mental Imagery?

Each and every part of your body has a corresponding emotional representation. (For a full list of these organ/emotion relationships, go here). Following is a step-by-step guide to build and perform a mental imagery framework:

  • Using the information your body is giving you (symptoms, body areas and emotions) take stock of both the physical emotional aspects of the current health challenge you want to treat.
  • Ask yourself, “How would I best describe this condition in a short video clip format or an image format?”
  • Then ask yourself, “What changes can I make now to that video or image to eradicate the health challenge I am currently experiencing?” For example if you had a chronic inflammatory condition you could see your body in perfect form on the outside but with a raging inferno internally within the margins of your body. The ‘changes’ you could make to the video or image could be the appearance of many magnified white blood cells that morph into the shape of little fireman with high pressure water hoses that dowse the flames with a powerful stream of water that completely puts out the flames leaving an energetic and joyous you! As the flames are being put out you are feeling lighter and brighter and eventually, when there are absolutely no signs of flames anymore, you are bathed in a golden healing light which completes that feeling of deep, profound, vitality and well-being. The critical factor here isn’t so much the image or video itself but rather the intrinsic emotional meaning and understanding the transformation holds for you!
  • Give that imaging process a name – purely to deepen the meaning that exercise has for you.
  • Take 3 relaxing breaths making sure to focus on an elongated exhalation and a normal inhalation. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. The 3 breaths should start with and elongated exhalation!
  • State the name of the imagery exercise.
  • Then state the intention of your imaging exercise – what outcome you intend. This must be stated in the present tense!
  • Then state the intended duration of the imagery exercise. (You can record it on your phone – when you are happy with the recording, you can use that as your narrative if you wish – it’s recorded in your voice which adds to the efficacy of the process). Alternatively you can state an approximate time as your body will intuitively understand and proceed with congruence.
  • For example – “I am doing the ‘Fireman’s Hose Exercise’ to completely extinguish all inflammation in my body, and it’s taking me 25 seconds!”

That’s it in a nutshell. If you choose to incorporate the mental imagery process into your life on a daily basis you will positively enhance your life forever. For more info on Mental Imagery and go here