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You Need A Proven Healing Technique To Take You Step-By-Step Through To An Outcome Of Vital Health And Wellness...  Mental Imagery Provides You With A Comprehensive Modality For Healing, Leaving No Aspect Of Regaining Your Wellness To Chance!

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Western Mental Imagery – A Powerful Tool For Deep Holistic Healing

You’ve all heard the comment or possibly even used the words – “It’s all in your head!” Well, there is an inherent truth in the message that statement is actually sharing. The problem is that it usually carries some derogatory meaning rather than conveying its literal truth!

Throughout time the human imagination has been responsible (in conjunction with source energy derived inspiration) for the birth of virtually all lifestyle, industrial, agricultural and commercial innovations that have shaped the world we live in now. Your imagination gives you access to the most powerful healing force available to you – your database of unlimited possibilities, your subconscious mind. Left unchecked, your imagination can take you on a voyage of random wonders and possibilities, so to engage a more structured approach to tapping into your inner healing ability is what I’m going to introduce to you in this conversation. Specifically, engaging your innate energetic healing ability through the use of Mental Imagery!

By using your own power of mind – which everyone, including you, has – you have everything you need for comprehensive, self-directed self-healing form any physical, mental or emotional health challenges. In practicing the techniques of mental imagery, you effectively deal with the everyday stresses in your life without becoming distressed by them. A holistic mental imagery process will enable you to draw healing images from your own internal intelligence not from those dictated from external influences. When you let go of all of the “shoulds” in your life you will become your very own health authority. Most importantly, you will begin living in the present and subsequently won’t experience the stresses and pain from a life controlled by the future and the past! Working with imagery will teach you through experience to live in the present!

 You will get the best results from imagery when you practice it three times each day – on arising, at sunset and just before going to bed. Each imagery technique should be practiced for a cycle of 21 days (as it takes this long to create a new habit). Another important point to get the best from your imagery is to always practice the technique in the sitting position with your back straight, your hands palm down resting on your thighs or palms down on arm rests and make sure your feet are flat on the ground and not crossed. Focusing on just one area of imbalance at a time when practicing your mental imagery will also bring about a better result. You can run the risk of creating some confusion if you are implementing more than one imagery technique simultaneously, possibly diluting the outcome. 

The Intrinsic Connections Between Physical Issues And Emotions

Below I have alphabetically listed organs, glands, body areas health conditions together with their corresponding relevant and influencing emotion...

  • Adrenals

    Glands connected with Stress Response

  • Autoimmune

    Toxicity issues, pollutants (many of them the external variety)

  • Back

    Overburdened in relation to money and/or relationships

  • Bladder

    Fear, chronic anger

  • Bone Disease

    Structural or foundational life issues at stake, feeling that something in life is crumbling

  • Brain

    Overloaded with a mixture of swirling, troubling thoughts and high anxiety

  • Broken Bones

    Breaking from someone/something in your life

  • Cancer

    Choosing not to go on living, depression over a loss; often toxicity related

  • Diabetes


  • Ears

    Not wanting to hear something – turning a deaf ear to something

  • Eyes

    Feelings of guilt, if afflicted; Not wanting to see something; Turning a blind eye

  • Gall Bladder

    Envy, jealousy

  • Heart

    Love, lust heartache/heartbreak, loss of a loved one, heart-rendering, sexual desire, lusting after, eating one’s heart out

  • Kidneys

    Indecision, lack of will

  • Knees

    Unwilling to stand up for self, bowing too much before someone, or refusing to become humble

  • Large Intestine

    Hatred, rage, hanging onto long, lost love

  • Liver

    Anger to fury

  • Lungs

    Dependency, internal crying, call for freedom

  • Muscle Spasms

    Constricted in life, contractions

  • Neurological Problems

    Loss of nerve, shock to the roots of your very being (usually connected with sudden relationship disruption)

  • Ovaries

    Creativity or loss thereof

  • Prostate

    Afflicted, unhappiness in a relationship, unexpressed guilt feelings connected with extra-marital affairs

  • Shoulder

    Carrying too much responsibility

  • Sinuses

    Crying, sadness

  • Small Intestines

    Feelings of neglect, anxiety

  • Spleen


  • Stomach

    Wants to control a situation

  • Thymus

    Gland of courage (Shrinks as you grow older, gorillas pound on it to create strength)

  • Thyroid

    One foot in and one foot in the door, transition situation

  • Tonsils/Sore Throat

    Feeling sore at someone or something

  • Uterus

    Productive or lack thereof

  • Vascular System

    Boiling over inside, hardening, drying up and narrowing of your life experience

There Are Many Advantages For You When You Practice Mental Imagery...

  • 1

    Highly Effective Therapy...

    In contrast to 'self-help; book and programs that instruct you that you must change you beliefs to change your life, mental imagery techniques actually teach and show you how to do that. We know that most beliefs are constantly operating automatically in the background of your consciousness.Therefore attempts to override negative thoughts, moods and behaviour using 'affirmations', 'determination' or 'action' ultimately fail because the offending negative belief was never identified and dissolved!
    Only through learning 'The Language of Imagery' can you identify these beliefs in your consciousness and then permanently delete them using imagery to restore vitality, wholeness and health.
    Mental Imagery is the only effective way of working in the formless, invisible and unconditional realm in order to change direction and achievement on the visible world!

  • 2

    The Speed of Application and Results Will Astound You...

    The application of the Mental Imagery process takes only seconds to a couple of minutes to perform with the intention of delivering a positive 'shock' to your system. Very often your results will be immediate or take just seven days to realize. In other deep seated cases the results can take one, two or three 21 day cycles of Mental Imagery practice. Where multiple cycles of imagery practice are required the inclusion of a seven day rest period between each cycle is necessary.
    The speed of application and getting results with Mental Imagery compares more favourably to most conventional modalities used in the treatment of physical, mental and emotional health challenges.

  • 3

    Truly Take Control of Your Own Health

    Learning and practicing Mental Imagery does not encourage the need for any other 'Health Professional' (mainly meaning MD-driven medicine). Your become you very own 'Specialist'! Once you learn the basics, Mental Imagery can be therapeutically applied to every aspect of your life.
    Unlike 'guided visualizations', Western Mental Imagery requires you to internally generate the solution to the problem - instead of being guided to the preferred end point by another person.
    Importantly Mental Imagery is performed in private without the need to report the results to a practitioner. This nurtures self-healing and also self-responsibility simultaneously.

  • 4

    Keeps Your Freedom Secure

    Western Mental Imagery teaches that there is no need to assign blind faith in external authorities and through this you will come to realize that the pervasive misplacement of trust in external authorities is the greatest threat to your freedom both individually and collectively!
    The practice of mental imagery teaches you how your mind can be used to protect you from a continual bombardment of external impressions, unsolicited advice, hypnotic suggestion and mis-education.

  • 5

    Fortifies Your Mind-Body Connection

    When you practice Mental Imagery exercises you actually experience the mind-body connection. Imagery restores you to a place of integration. Meaning the healthiest, most powerful and life-promoting place to be.
    Regular use of imagery also rebuilds congruence between contemporary life and the ancient, medieval and renaissance times where there was no separation between a persons consciousness and the visible or invisible world around.

  • 6

    Builds Self-Confidence

    Mental Imagery accelerates and potentiates the development of self-confidence through playing an active role in the creation of your health. When you aspire to meet man-made standards, you very quickly come to realize that your power and authority, regarding your own personal being, have been severely eroded. Following the direction constructed by man-made standards invariably leads to a process of decay, destruction and disease.
    With practice and success using imagery, an interactive trust forms and builds with the invisible realm that positively impacts on all areas of your life.

  • 7

    Cost Effective Treatments

    Mental Imagery is the most cost efficient, complete, holistic - diagnostic and therapeutic - treatment modality available. Once the basics are understood, the only real cost to you is the time commitment you will make to practice your daily imagery techniques.
    That said, even your time commitment is incredibly minimal!

  • 8

    You Can Do NO Harm

    The practice of Mental Imagery is non-invasive, non-toxic and harmless. Compare the pertinence and gravity of the previous description with the menagerie of potential side-effects and toxicities modern MD-driven medicine has to offer!

  • 9

    Effortless Application

    Daily Mental Imagery practice is easy to nurture into your daily routine. The techniques are simple to learn, simple to use and can be performed by anyone and anywhere.
    Once you develop a pattern of application, imagery's use integrates seamlessly into your day-to-day life. You'll wonder how you ever did without it for so long!

  • 10

    Limitless Potential For Application

    Mental Imagery skills have relevant application in every part of your life. Physical and mental health, career or life direction, financial health, relationships, leadership etc.
    Virtually every area of your life benefits through integrating the invisible with the visible.
    The practice of Mental Imagery is also nonsectarian. It is relevant no matter what your religious tradition or your ethnicity is. It was espoused by all three Western traditions in ancient Europe, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Turkey and Greece.

What Types Of Health Challenges Can Mental Imagery Effectively Treat?

  • Rapid relief from pain
  • Complete restoration of health from physical, mental and emotional challenges
  • Uncovering hidden sabotaging beliefs
  • Dissolving any hidden or conscious limiting beliefs
  • Reversing habitual patterns of thought, mood and behaviour
  • Restoring life balance after stressful shocks
  • Sourcing self esteem internally not from false external promises
  • Terminating what's called 'false emergencies' from man-made standards
  • Finding congruence with your life path
  • Amplifying your innate potential and learning from within
  • Finding a Root-Cause resolution to any issue
  • Removing resistance to succeed
  • Resolving past and present relationship challenges

So What's Involved With The Mental Imagery Healing Process?

Following is a Step-By-Step Guide to Build and Perform a Mental Imagery Framework:

Below gives the basic mechanics of imaging:

Imagery succeeds in direct proportion to your turning your senses away from the outside world and toward your inner realm. Once you are turned inward, you can discover a mental image that can stimulate your physical body. The image will come to you on its own, as long as you direct your will and attention inward.

Posture of Breathing

Sit in a comfortable straight-backed chair that has arm rests. Your back is straight, your arms are resting comfortably on the armrests, and your hands are open, palms down. Your feet should be flat on the floor. If your chair has no arms, place your arms on your thighs, palms down. This posture is called the pharaoh’s posture, named after the Egyptian kings.

Do not cross your arms or legs, as this may prevent the circulation from flowing. This posture helps keep your sensory awareness focused inward. Likewise, sitting with your back straight allows your lungs to expand fully and promotes greater alertness.

Close your eyes.

Doing so blocks out unwanted stimuli and distractions.

Breathe out and in slowly three times.

That is, breathe, rhythmically, in through the nose and out through the mouth. The exhalations through the mouth should be longer than the inhalations, which are normal and easy — neither laboured nor exaggerated. This out-in breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which quiets the body down and helps turn our attention inward.

When you are comfortable with your breathing and feel ready to begin your imagery work, breathe out three times. This may sound odd, but it is quite simple. You breathe out, then in; out, and then in; then out again — for a total of three out-breaths and two in-breaths. After this, you begin your imagery exercise, breathing any way you wish.

During your imagery work, your attention will be focused on the images, and your breathing will take care of itself. When you finish the exercise, breathe out once before you open your eyes. It will take you only a few seconds to establish this reverse breathing pattern.

Exhaling first and inhaling second will become second nature once you have learned to image.

You can record the exercises you want to do on a tape recorder. Speak in your regular daily voice, leaving appropriate spaces between images. Alternatively, you can have a friend read the exercises to you. You can even read each exercise silently to yourself and then do it with your eyes closed. Writing and drawing the images you obtain in a diary will help you follow your growth. Eventually you will not need any external aid as imaging becomes second nature.

If you find it difficult to visualize with your mind’s eye, use any of your other senses that are particularly strong. For example, try to hear, touch, smell, or taste. Also, you may sense kinaesthetically (your position in space) or proprioceptively (through the musculature) if not seeing.

Length of Exercises:

The rule of thumb for imagery work is that less is more: The shorter the imagery, the greater its power. Therefore, do each exercise quickly. There can be great variation from person to person, so for each exercise it may take from 10 seconds to 10 minutes! If you have a naturally slower rhythm, or are not experienced with imaging and have difficulty imaging, you may need a longer time to perceive an image. Try not to take too long! By doing the imagery quickly, you bypass the logical, rational, habitual mind and enter the “no-time zone.”

Imagery is actually the language of “no time.”


Imaging is directly and dramatically connected to intention, the mental action that directs our attention and our actions. Simply put, it is what we aim to achieve. When we clearly tell ourselves what we intend to achieve, our success in using imagery mounts. Simply stated, intention is will, given direction. Intention depends on will, which is simply the life force impulse that enables us to make choices. We each have will, and it is reflected in the choices we make every day, all day, from the time we get up to the time we go to sleep. All actions are acts of will.

When we give our will a direction, then we have an intention. Intention is directed will, and it is essential to all self-healing work generated through the imagination. By using the imagination, we direct the will inward to reconnect to our source, to find new pathways for ourselves, to take us to healthier and richer lives.

In the daily routine of life, we mostly use our will to focus on external events:

Either we strive to get something from the world, or we strive to shape the outer world to our own needs (or to what we think are our needs). We forget that we can turn the same will, the same force of directed intention, toward ourselves to change and take charge of our lives. The alert will, the conscious intention, is at the centre of imaginal healing.

In Every Imagery Exercise the Intention Must be to - Turn Illness Into Wellness - So This Must be Stated Before Starting Each Exercise Along With the Specific Intention of the Exercise!

The Time for Imaging

To create a rhythm to heal, imagery exercises are best done at the same times each day. Imagery is best done at the transition points of the day: upon awakening, at sundown, and before going to bed. Remember to do the exercises when you first awaken, before your habitual daily life begins. (The only exception is the need to urinate, which needs to be done first.) Likewise, always do imagery sitting up in the chair, not lying in bed. Finally, do imagery exercises before you eat, when you are more alert.

Cycle of Imaging

Imagery exercises are generally done for cycles of 21 days, followed by 7 days of rest. This cycle parallels the biological rhythm that is present in all of us. This is most evident in a woman’s menstrual cycle, which mirrors the 28-day lunar cycle. However, if you accomplish your aim prior to 21 days, you can stop imaging.

Your work is done.

Imagery Exercises

Remember, for each of these imagery exercises, you want to sit in the pharaoh’s posture and do the breathing as described. When you are ready to move on with your imagery, state your intention for the imagery (which will be - "I am Turning Illness into Wellness" followed by the Specific Intention of That Exercise!), and then begin the imagery exercise.

Remember, there is no one right specific intention, whatever comes to you as the one that serves you, that comes to you spontaneously. At the end of the exercise you’ll be instructed to breathe out. You end each imagery exercise with an out breath to bring you back into this waking life state in a calm, relaxed condition. Within the imagery itself, there’s been a little excitement, a little activity, some movement, and you know that what’s happening inwardly is having physiological effects. Afterward, you want to come back in a state of calm physiology.

Net Worth Imagery Exercise

See yourself hurling a fine golden net into the cosmos, catching for yourself the sustenance the universe has to offer you. Breathe out one time and bring the net back down to you. Open it, remove, and keep what you have brought to you.

Breathe out and open your eyes

Illusion to Illumination Exercise

See yourself swimming out of the sea of illusion to a new shore. After reaching a new shore, take a new direction. Come up onto the shore and follow a new way, a new direction. What do you discover and what do you sense and feel?

And breathe out and open your eyes.

Out of the Shadows Exercise

The intention of the Out of the Shadows Exercise is to know love. See yourself hidden in the shadows, engulfed by the shadows. Breathe out one time slowly, and see yourself now emerging from the shadows into the light. Note your experience and what you sense and feel there and possibly whom you may now meet there. See how you feel toward the being you meet, if you do meet someone.

And then breathe out and open your eyes. Note what happens.

Making Your Own Imagery Exercise

-- Using the information your body is giving you (symptoms, body areas and emotions) take stock of both the physical and emotional aspects of the current health challenge you want to treat.

-- Ask yourself, “How would I best describe this condition in a short video clip format or an image format?”

-- Then ask yourself, “What changes can I make now to that video or image to eradicate the health challenge I am currently experiencing?” For example if you had a chronic inflammatory condition you could see your body in perfect form on the outside but with a raging inferno internally within the margins of your body. The ‘changes’ you could make to the video or image could be the appearance of many magnified white blood cells that morph into the shape of little fireman with high pressure water hoses that dowse the flames with a powerful stream of water that completely puts out the flames leaving an energetic and joyous you! As the flames are being put out you are feeling lighter and brighter and eventually, when there are absolutely no signs of flames anymore, you are bathed in a golden healing light which completes that feeling of deep, profound, vitality and well-being. The critical factor here isn’t so much the image or video itself but rather the intrinsic emotional meaning and understanding the transformation holds for you!

-- Give that imaging process a name – purely to deepen the meaning that exercise has for you.

-- Take 3 relaxing breaths making sure to focus on an elongated exhalation and a normal inhalation. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. The 3 breaths should start with and elongated exhalation!

-- State the name of the imagery exercise.

-- Then state the intention of your imaging exercise – what outcome you intend - starting with "My Intention is to Turn Illness into Wellness - and My Intention is to......." . This must be stated in the present tense!

-- Then state the intended duration of the imagery exercise. (You can record it on your phone, when you are happy with the recording, you can use that as your narrative if you wish – it’s recorded in your voice which adds to the efficacy of the process). Alternatively you can state an approximate time as your body will intuitively understand and proceed with congruence.

-- For example – “I am doing the ‘Fireman’s Hose Exercise’ to Turn Illness into Wellness by completely extinguishing all inflammation in my body, and it’s taking me 25 seconds!”

Assess Your Health Challenge 

Take stock of where your health challenge is in your body, how it makes you feel, what emotions are associated with that body area and what your intention is for a healing outcome.





Design Your Mental Image or Video  

Based on you assessment of the current health challenge you are wanting treat, design a mental image or video that best reflects the way you feel and that you can fundamentally relate to. 



Make Healing Changes to Your Mental Image

Now you will change the mental image or video with the express intention for the new image to reflect the desired outcome that your imagery exercise will manifest. 



Inject More Life into Your Mental Imagery 

Giving your mental imagery exercise a specific name that you fundamentally relate to, will give more emotional connection and meaning to you and your consciousness making the process all the more effective. 


Design the Pre-Imagery Statement of Intent 

Assemble your introductory statement which will introduce and precede your imagery exercise. For example – “I am doing the ‘Fireman’s Hose Exercise’ to completely extinguish all inflammation in my body, and it’s taking me 25 seconds!” 






You Will Benefit in So Many Ways by Having a Step-By-Step Blueprint for Healing as Your Guide Back To Wellness...

  • Finally Get Some Answers...

    You will finally have an understanding why you have felt so ordinary for so long

  • Focused Spotlight On Your Challenges...

    Mental Imagery produces results by enabling your own body’s god-given ability to heal

  • Your Health Puzzle Solved - Finally...

    There’s been puzzling pieces missing from your health picture – finally get the answers

  • Your Targeted Treatment Process...

    Your personalized mental imagery process targets you specific health challenge…

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    A key advantage to using a Proven Process is your results are clinically predictable

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    Two crucial points – it’s your time to heal and you’ll be guided on how to regain your health

  • Your Body Is Waiting To Heal...

    Your complete healing requires all treatment parts to work in unison, Imagery ensure’s this

  • A Supplement Regime That's Proven...

    Your supplement framework is based on clinical evidence, 100% natural and works

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