What does taking back control of your health really mean? Quite simply it means that you fully understand the undeniable fact, that your remarkable body is inherently equipped with all the tools necessary for you to Self-Heal! I’m not just talking about a superficial acknowledgement that you know about this ‘idea’ of self-healing, what I’m emphatically stating here is that you need to hold a fundamental belief that resonates within every single cell of your body, that there is absolutely no question as to the innate power your body is designed, and ingrained with – To Self-Heal.

To build on this foundational belief of self-healing, we need to take a look at what major lifestyle influences are the most corrosive to the fulfilment of this all-powerful ability your body nurtures. The most pervasive of all influences is the wide spread tendency to freely and willingly accept that the control of your health is best in the hands of another person. A person who especially over the last 100+ years has been strategically placed on a pedestal and been honoured with the title of being your go-to health-care professional – your MD!

Now don’t get me wrong, your MD is quite possibly the most wonderful, caring person in your world – maybe even a friend – but, to take their word as gospel without considering all other important possibilities when it comes to the health of YOUR body, is a hazardous mistake. It would be remiss of me not to state here that if I were involved in a life threatening accident or had a broken arm, there’s no place I’d rather be than at the emergency department at the hospital being looked after by a doctor, but in the cases of chronic disease, preventative healthcare and common acute infections, modern MD-driven medicine is at best one-dimensional and at worst, disease promoting!

Since Richard Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971 and pledged an extra $100 million US Dollars to ‘find a cure for cancer’, there’s been little to no head way on ‘eradicating cancer’. There has been, however, numerous ‘block-buster drugs’ synthesized to symptomatically treat the disease and the treatments side-effects. Heart and arterial disease along with cancer are still the biggest killers in western society but do you know what the third biggest killer in ‘first-world’ countries is? It’s called iatrogenic causes – death caused by properly prescribed and administered drug or surgical treatments. Think about that!! The third biggest killer in modern society isn’t even a disease – it’s the treatments that are killing us!! I don’t know about you but I find that totally unacceptable!

Modern medicine applies a reductionistic approach to disease meaning that the true accuracy of the complex, inter-relational and holistic nature of ‘the condition’, is broken down, or reduced, to simple symptoms which then become the target of chemical, radiation or surgical procedures. It seems so counter-intuitive for intelligent professionals to blatantly compartmentalise your body rather than adopting a holistic approach to your treatment procedures. By this I mean that each organ, gland, limb or body part is treated as a stand-alone area (compartment) of the body which has little to no influence on other body areas, nor is that same area profoundly influenced by another.

This engrained flawed method of viewing the function and health of your body is further highlighted by the complex and exhaustive network of ‘specialists’ whose expertise is supposedly specific to a targeted body ‘part’. When consulting with one of these ’specialists’ don’t expect to get a balanced whole body, system-wide view of your health challenge. To the contrary, you’ll get a blinkered and symptomatic view of a single, isolated part of your body which apparently has little, if any, connection with the rest of your body!

If you are to experience a profound deep holistic healing there is only one person who can be in charge of the symphony of processes and modalities that will most certainly have to be orchestrated in a unified support network to facilitate your body’s phenomenal healing ability – that’s You. Some guidance from a functional and integrative natural health practitioner may be of great value, but you and no one else can be responsible for the implementation of a congruent and cohesive action plan. By congruent I mean that all aspects of your ‘being’ are attuned to manifest the same end result. Those aspects being your body, mind and spirit!

It is only when the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being are aligned that your innate healing ability is at its most potent. These three critical components of who you are can only be harmonious and synchronized when You are in charge and in control of your health and it’s healing direction! Now this doesn’t mean that you have to be the expert in all aspects of your health, but it does mean that you will intelligently communicate with all of the ‘professional players’ on your health team and be the decision maker. Once you are armed with all the appropriate information on alternatives for treatment, the next step is the most critical to ensure the integrity of your long term health!

What you must do now is to take some time, as long as it takes, and focus your spotlight of holistic, vitality-enhancing health onto each of your treatment options. This spotlight will expose any treatments that aren’t congruent with an outcome of true vibrant recovery where no collateral damage has been sustained through cutting, burning or chemo-toxicity. Your spotlight will also uncover those treatments that don’t ardently promote your own body’s ability to self-heal.

Perhaps most importantly, if the treatment does not address the Root Cause of the dis-ease process, it will be high-lighted as not recommended for your long term wellness and recovery! Symptomatic treatments are sometimes necessary in the very short term, but they should never be employed as the major treatment choice for chronic and inflammatory disease as they invariably come with side effects and most importantly they don’t address the root cause of your health challenge.

The bottom line here is when you take back control of your health and it’s healing direction, you will immediately distance yourself from ‘Iatrogenic’ influences (early death due to drug and surgical therapies) and surround yourself with deep healing therapies and intentions nurtured by a team of root-cause natural health specialists. Your remarkable body is not only made to self-heal, it’s patiently, but powerfully, waiting for YOU to create the congruent internal and external environment that’s conducive to healing! For more information on healing click here