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Imagine having all the pieces to your personal health puzzle put systematically back together to create a Vibrant Picture of You - In Perfect Health...

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    More Energy, Less Pain, Better Sleep

    It doesn't matter what your Autoimmune Diagnosis is, or how many health problems you have - Get Ready To Heal!

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    Step-By-Step Guided Roadmap - Fortnightly Calls

    You will receive crystal clear instructions on what to do and, when and how to do it - You'll just want to do it - It's Your time to take action NOW!

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    Take All The Guess Work Out Achieving Wellness

    Mark's 26 years+ of Naturopathic and Strategic Wellness Restoration experience is the guidance you need to take control

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Are You Struggling With Getting Your Health Back On Track?

My Naturopathic Wellness Restoration Program Will Get You Back On Track And Give You A Clear Road-Map To Regain Your Vitality and Energy...

Before We Start - Can You Relate To Any Of The Following?

  • You don't know what to do, what diet to follow, whose advice to take - too many experts!
  • You've tried every program, diet after diet, every new supplement - nothing lasts!
  • Your energy is non-existent even when yo sleep well - oops, that's another issue!
  • Pain follows you everywhere, always present, can't escape it - getting worse!
  • There's always something wrong with you - sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired!
  • All of the above makes you feel so anxious, stressed and even depressed!

The Functional Medicine Approach

The best way to describe functional medicine is to contrast it with conventional medicine. It is not a completely fair comparison because I am presenting the best case for functional medicine and, in some ways, the worst case for conventional medicine. As I stated earlier, conventional medicine has some amazing characteristics. It is remarkable in terms of trauma and emergency medicine and acute care. But I think we can all agree that it is not very good at treating chronic disease, which is the number-one problem that we face today. Functional medicine differs from conventional medicine in six important ways:

1. Functional medicine is investigative

Functional medicine treats symptoms by addressing the root of the problem, which leads to more profound and longer-lasting results. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, tends to be more superficial. It masks or suppresses symptoms but does not address the underlying cause, and this tends to create patients for life. For example, if you have high blood pressure, you get on a drug to lower it, and you’re basically told to take that for the rest of your life. The same is true for high cholesterol.

2. Functional medicine is more holistic

Functional medicine treats the body as an interconnected whole, and practitioners recognize that in order to treat one part, all other parts must be addressed. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, is more dualistic. It views the body as a collection of separate parts. In fact, there’s a doctor for every different part of the body, and there is often very little communication between these doctors or even acknowledgement of a connection.

3. Functional medicine is safer

Treatments in functional medicine typically have fewer side effects, risks, or complications. Practitioners emphasize diet, lifestyle, supplements, and herbs, and unrelated complaints often will improve spontaneously in treatment. Conventional medicine tends to be more dangerous. Drugs and surgery can have serious side effects and complications, including death, and this is evidenced by the fact that medical care, as we discussed earlier, is either the third-leading or the leading cause of death.

4. Functional medicine is patient-centered

This means that practitioners treat the patient and not the disease. We recognize the individuality of the patient, and we know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, patients with the same condition, for example, ulcerative colitis, may get a completely different treatment based on the particular etiology or pathogenesis of their condition. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, tends to be more disease-centered. It treats the disease and not the patient, and patients with the same disease will often get the same treatment despite differences in their presentation. In functional medicine, the patient is respected, empowered, educated, and encouraged to play an active role in his or her healing process. In conventional medicine, the patient’s opinion is often discounted or ignored, and little time is spent on education. In some cases, the patient is even actively discouraged to play a strong role in the healing process.

5. Functional medicine is integrative

Functional medicine combines the best of allopathic and alternative treatments. It doesn’t exclude drugs and surgery when they’re necessary, but it does tend to focus more on diet, lifestyle, supplements, and herbs as the primary interventions. Conventional medicine is more limited in its scope. It typically relies almost exclusively on drugs and surgery, despite risks. While it does pay some lip service to the importance of nutrition and lifestyle, physicians are under educated on these topics and often don’t have much time to devote to them in the typical patient interaction.

6. Functional medicine is preventative

Functional medicine is guided by the ancient Chinese proverb, “The superb physician treats disease before it occurs.” Conventional medicine, on the other hand, tends to be a little more reactive. It aims to manage disease after it occurs and often doesn’t intervene until disease has progressed beyond a certain point of no return.

When You Partner With Me In My Monthly Wellness Restoration Program - This Is How It Will Work...

  • 1

    Free 20 Minute Chat To Make Sure We Fit

    Before we make any plans to get you back into vital wellness, I usually like to have a chat to ensure that you and I are on the same page

  • 2

    Your Health History

    Prior to our initial appointment, you will have filled out a comprehensive health history questionnaire plus additional questionnaires to enable me get a clear and precise picture of where you are right now

  • 3

    Important Evaluation Time Spent On YOU Behind The Scenes

    Your wellness fee includes a Commitment from Me to spend another One Hour of my time on your case, behind the scenes to make sure your bio-individual needs are addressed!

  • 4

    Our First 1-on-1 Session With Mark

    Your journey to vital wellness begins with your first 60 minute session which includes a total deconstruction of your health history - how you got to where you are now

  • 5

    Functional Investigative Tests Need To Be Ordered

    To truly get to the root cause of your health issues and arrive at your desired resolution of those challenges, two main investigative testing procedures are required - Organic Acids Test and Chromosomal DNA Testing (SNP Investigation and Analysis)

  • 6

    NES ProVision Human Body Field Remote Scan

    You have an option to tap into the unlimited potential that Energy Healing offers through the laws of quantum physics. The NES ProVision software utilizes quantum science to remotely scan your Body Field giving you a unique insight into what is blocking your innate healing.

  • 7

    In Depth Analysis Of Where You Are And Why

    So as we can formulate a thorough road-map to guide you through to Vital Wellness, we have to know what's been going on, in order for you to be where you are now

  • 8

    Your Bioindividual Plan For Sustainable Wellness - Weed :: Seed :: Feed

    Based on our in depth intake questionnaire and consultation, I will create a Personalized Bioindividual Wellness Plan for You including dietary, supplementary and energetic

  • 9

    Full Access To Mark - Your Naturopath and Strategic Wellness Specialist

    You will not only have 2 in-depth appointments each month, but you will have full email and text access to my expertise - You will always have an answer to those questions

  • 10

    A Strategy For Your Success

    You will reach your wellness goals working with me because when you know the what, when and why of all aspects of the changes you'll be making, you'll have a clear understanding - that equals results!

This is how real, long term change is made, not by one-off advice sessions, not by online generic courses, but by my Bio-individualized Wellness Restoration Program - made specifically to fit your needs!

So What Do You Get Included With Your Monthly Naturopathic Wellness Restoration Program Investment...

  • One-On-One Healing

    You receive 2 One-On-One Healing Skype calls each month where we will uncover the root causes of you health problems

  • Your Integrative And Functional Roadmap

    You will be given a clear direction for healing and recovery, no more guess work means predictable outcomes!

  • Bio-individualized Gut Healing Dietary Program

    You will have a fully mapped out eating program for cooling the inflammation in your body and healing your gut dysfunctions

  • Full Access To Me

    Not only do you have the main consultation based contact with me each month, you also have full SMS access as well – all questions will be answered

  • More Full Access To Me

    Not only do you have the main consultation based contact with me each month, you also have full EMAIL access to me as well – all questions will be answered

  • Copies Of All Files

    Get full PDF copies of scan results, dietary plans, lifestyle enhancements and supplementary recommendations – a complete program

  • The Puzzle Becomes Solved

    With my extensive experience all the pieces to your individual health puzzle with be systematically organized into their places – Result – Vibrant Wellness

  • No Missing Links Anymore...

    Often there is one stumbling block preventing that Total Wellness but with my Holistic approach, the weak or missing links are discovered and realigned

  • You Will Be Whole And In Control...

    My ultimate goal is for you to be able to take full control of all aspects of your own health and with my frameworks as your guidance, YOU WILL achieve that Total Wellness!


Let's Take A Look At The Real Value Of My Monthly Naturopathic Wellness Restoration Program...

  • Two One Hour Restorative Healing Sessions - $594
  • One Hour Assessing and Constructing Behind the Scenes - $297
  • Unlimited Email Access - $75
  • Unlimited Text Access - $75
  • All Dietary/Lifestyle/Supplementary PDF Docs - $97
  • NES ProVision Body Field Scan (monthly) - $220
  • Value Of Being Pain Free and Full Of Energy - PRICELESS!
Real Value = $1358

Restorative Healing Sessions With Mark Thomas - Pay By The Month - Including:

  • 1

    Two 1 Hour Restorative Healing Sessions Each Month

    Gain the full benefits of my 28 years of experience in applying a 'Root Cause Resolution' framework with the most challenging cases

  • 2

    One Hour Of Behind The Scenes Personalized Analysis

    I make the commitment to you that I will spend 50% of our consult contact time to tediously analyse your individual needs

  • 3

    Unlimited Email Access Each Month

    You know you'll have questions in between sessions - with my program the answer is just one click away

  • 4

    Unlimited SMS Access Each Month

    You know you'll have questions in between sessions - with my program the answer is just one text away

  • 5

    All Dietary/Lifestyle/Supplementary PDF Files

    You'll never be in the dark about what to do or when to do it - you'll just have to simply refer to your comprehensive instructional notes

  • 6

    NES ProVision Human Body Field Scan Monthly (fortnightly if needed)

    The NES ProVision Scan taps into the emerging Quantum Science behind Energy Medicine. This scan is performed remotely and will uncover hidden blocks to your healing! (A 'once only' initial charge for the scanning device is an additional cost)

  • 7

    The Exhilaration Of Taking Back Control Of Your Health

    Working with Mark is an experience of empowerment for you - learning to understand the how's and why's is the key to long term vital wellness

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Of These Benefits For A Monthly Investment Of:


Online Wellness Restoration Fee is Charged in US Dollars as I Help Heal an International Community

Remote Scanning Device - Attracts an Additional 'Once Only' Charge of $132.00 (This is only applicable after a discussion with Mark)

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