In my last article I described the processes that lead up to an autoimmune response taking hold in your body. Over the years I’ve found that whilst knowing how a disease process formed and took hold can be a valuable part of healing (and of course vitally necessary for the practitioner), unless you have a framework to follow to resolve the disease process, all the physiology and biochemistry detail is not going to make you feel better!

So what do you need to change in your life now, right now, in order to make the biggest breakthroughs in your current autoimmune experience? Well, the answer to that question is a little loaded because if you’re in the midst of an inflammatory autoimmune crisis you will get the most long term benefits from a multi-faceted holistic treatment approach. But, if you’re in a high level of pain and using chemotherapy drugs as a means of quelling the ‘inflammatory fire’ (as many of you are) we have to be mindful of the presence of these medicinal toxins and allow for their systemic poisonous influences, and factor in this chemical activity for what it really is!

I’ll be blunt – the answer to healing a predominantly chemical/toxic driven disease process is not to hope that by adding another man-made chemical you will somehow miraculously stimulate the body to heal. At best short term symptomatic relief is gained from chemical therapy and if these short term gains were measured against how the treated body reacts long term (with regards new disease entities manifesting that are directly attributed to chemical therapy and side effects and new symptoms arising directly from chemo administration) you will certainly get a much clearer picture of the actual benefit/risk scenario.

Don’t get me wrong here, I so totally understand that if you don’t know any better and you’re in your doctor’s office being given instructions that your only treatment alternative for your disease is to use this new ‘blockbuster drug’ or an ‘old reliable drug’, your decision is going to be based on the information and treatment path that’s being presented to you, right! Unfortunately this is exactly what happens in majority of autoimmune treatment cases and most often it actually takes a bad experience from using a chemical therapy to cause a shift in your view on your health treatment options.

Ok let’s take a look at some important changes that have to be undertaken in order for you to create the cellular environment to facilitate healing. Let me say at this point that where there is a systemic inflammatory state in your body – Healing Starts in the Gut. If you were to look back through my previous article you would remember that one of the first absolutely critical initiators of an autoimmune response is the presence of a gut lining that is compromised by becoming more permeable than normal, so the most important initial step is to take action toward healing the gut lining.

Step 1 – Heal the Gut. This entails avoiding all chemicals (prescribed, food additives, farming chemicals, and town water chemicals), foods and habits that are known to weaken the integrity of this all important protective barrier. It also includes the use of foods that known to encourage the healing of the gut lining. So eating clean is essential with the exclusion of processed foods, using very clean animal products and vegetable products – locally produced, free ranged and organic – and eliminating sugar, dairy products and grains. Sounds awfully challenging to most people but with a bit of guidance you can do it! There are certain specific daily inclusions which are also vitally beneficial. Eating whole chicken or animal joint broths are a great inclusion, if you are tolerant of ’histamines’ (that’s something practitioners like myself would test you for). This food is rich in healing compounds called mucopolysaccharides and proteoglycans. Using herbs like Aloe Vera, Golden Seal and Slippery Elm are important. Nutrients including Vitamin A, Zinc, B-Complex and Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids also have a key role to play. You can read more on this in my free download on healing autoimmunity.

Step 2 – Quell the Inflammation. Once an inflammatory response is activated and there is a wide spread fuelling of that response, there most definitely needs to be specific measures taken to stifle that self-perpetuating response. It just so happens that Mother Nature has a really effective arsenal of natural anti-inflammatory compounds to help you in this area. As a rule it is necessary to use more than one natural anti-inflammatory agent to achieve the dampening effect you need. The beautiful part about using this approach though is that none of these natural compounds damage or act as an irritant to that all important gut lining, in fact they further help to heal the gut. So using a combination of Turmeric (standardized to its curcumin content and phospholipid bound), Boswelia and Omega 3 Fatty Acids from clean fish oil (for example Nordic Naturals or Ethical Nutrients) providing a minimum approx 1900mg of EPA and 1000mg of DHA. I have found that at times the addition of proteolytic enzymes, particularly Serrapeptase, is of great benefit. My recommendation is Arthur Andrew Medicals Serretia – a very effective product

Step 3 – Switch off the Autoimmune Response. Given an accurate set of instructions, your immune system will stop attacking yourself. Importantly, using the aforementioned anti-inflammatory compounds will go a long way to address your confused immune response which is continuing to feed your autoimmunity. There are, however some very specific natural supplements that are invaluable to bring some normality back into you immune system. They are – the herbs Rehmania, Bupleurum, Hemidesmus, Tanacetum and Astragalus. These herbs have a rich history of bringing body systems back into homeostasis (balance), particularly your immune system. It would be remiss of me not to mention Medicinal Mushrooms here. A combination of at least the following mushrooms would be recommended: Trametes versicolor, Ganoderma edodes, Poria cocos, Polyporus umbellatus, Cordyceps sinensis. These medicinal mushrooms have multiple positive effects on the immune response.

Over the past few years nutritional research has focused on effective means of normalizing intracellular antioxidant enzyme systems function as a means of stifling autoimmunity and chronic disease. These enzymes are Glutathione peroxidase, Superoxide dismutase and Catalase.  Two products have been found to be highly efficacious at doing just that. These products are GliSODin and EnduraCell. You would introduce the EnduraCell first right at the beginning of the healing process followed by GliSODin after some initial gut healing has occurred – about 2 weeks into the protocol.

To find out more about my approach to Healing Your Autoimmunity go here and download your Free Report on Healing Your Autoimmunity.